How we work

When you visit us, we will assess your individual needs by listening to your health history and your priority for treatment. Then, using functional muscle testing combined with traditional orthopaedic and neurological assessment methods we’ll isolate the issues that are concerning you. Some problems are simple and some are complex. We will pull it all together and create a treatment plan.

We like get to the bottom of what’s going on and we like results.

Applied Kinesiology methodology is able to assess physical, bio-chemical, neurological and mind-body emotional stress using the ‘functional manual muscle test’ as a diagnostic tool. We will show you how the muscle system is able to mirror the nervous system’s response to stress by showing a weak or strong response to a sensory stimulus. This allows us to gather specific information about you.

Far Infra-Red Sauna

Get the best of the sun without the UV rays in our infrared sauna to round out your picture of health and wellbeing. You can read a scientific paper – and here’s another one – about the effects of calming the nervous system and improving metabolism to assist with immune distress such as viruses or better sleep, softer skin, jetlag, weight loss, improved circulation, heavy metal and chemical detox , or you could call us on  9328 4211 and book a session.

Summer sauna weight loss and detox packages here now.